About Goldfarb

April 1st, 1980 marked the beginning
of Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler.

Alvin Goldfarb, Chairman and founder, began his jewelry career in 1957 working for a “family” business. Steven Goldfarb, President (pictured above), is a fifth generation jeweler.

For Alvin and Steven the essential elements of warmth, trust, individual attention and personal relationships are of the utmost importance when it comes to fine jewelry. Each engagement, anniversary, birthday or Christmas is special and must be celebrated as unique and significant. This is the foundation of our business and philosophy. We are keenly aware that a gift of fine jewelry is an intimate expression of love and we take great pride in celebrating with our customers the times of their lives

We have our own complete design, manufacturing and repair shop on our premises. Our store takes great pride in our unequaled ability to create a piece of custom jewelry from an idea that a customer might have. We work in partnership with our clients to hone the idea and translate it into fantastic item of jewelry in gold, silver or platinum (as desired) for a unique and meaningful gift. We are proud to admit that some of our most gorgeous work was born from the original creation of engineers, doctors, mechanics, etc., rather than jewelry designers.


The most satisfying results of our commitment to customer service are the generational ties that are created. Because of the experience of the sales force, and the personal span of Alvin’s sixty year career, a parent who purchased their ring from us may bring in a son or daughter (or even grandchild) at the time of their engagement. At other times a husband may come in to pick out a gift for his wife when a baby is born.  It is an honor for us to be included in these meaningful moments.

Whenever we are referred from one friend or family member to another we know we have done our job right. It gives us even greater incentive to exceed our own reputation and to provide superior quality, value and service to our customers. It is a source of pride that the words, “We would never come to anyone else” is a quote we hear often.

Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler